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my tablet was being a butt, but i tryed to kepp drawing anyway:


jadedpage-ofhope asked :

Hey there! Would you mind sharing 5 random facts about yourself? After which, please pass this along to 10 of your followers you are particularly fond of. Thank you!

datmangosmilyface answered :

-i’m about to be out of town, hiking, for a month

- I have three cats and one of them is blogging with me right now

-  I’m wearing shoes and siting on the bed right now, fight me

- I use dr. bronner’s soap instead of shampoo or conditioner

- I love dresses and skirts

Anonymous asked :

hey! i have some advice for coloring maybe? i use photoshop so idk if it's similar enough, but what i do is make the line art in one layer, then make a layer under it labeled 'skin', then with my brush full opacity, i fill in the skin. after that i make a layer above 'skin' but below the lines, and color in the shirt, i keep doing this, with a new layer for each different section of color, until it's all shaded in. Then i lock the layers, and shade them a bit, one by one.

datmangosmilyface answered :

I already do nearly exactly this. I know I’ve been posting a lot of lazy garbage, I promise it’s just my obsession with bright colors that makes me keep coloring like an asshole. Thanks for sending me some help anyway



i should draw more avas demon tbh

more art



behold the “mighty 4chan raid” on the homestuck tag


what are your fave mythical/supernatural beings???


help I don’t know what i’m doing some one stop me